Crew Management

Our range of manning services include the mobilization of highly trained and experienced marine professionals, as well as offshore skilled and technical personnel, both to conventional vessels and stationary offshore units. We provide manning solutions to the most complex operational and project requirements for various sectors in the maritime community to the highest industry standards.

Licensed by Recruitment and Placement Services (RPSL/CHN/022), we help clients achieve competitive advantage by providing numerous commercial and operational benefits, including reduction in transactional costs, increased operational efficiency, increased productivity, and enhanced safety performance enabling to achieve profitability.


Years of Crew Management


Seafarers Onboarded


Manned Vessels

Vessel Management Experience


Bulk Carrier


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Chemical Tanker


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Crew Sourcing and Management

Best in Class Seafarers

Ability to recruit the best seafarers, develop them to the highest standard and mobilise and deploy crew effectively.

Dedicated Crew Pool

Establish a dedicated Crew Pool to guarantee right crew sourcing from our global network as per requirements to ensure safe and efficient operations.

High Retention Rates

Our crew retention rates speak for themselves, reaching above 90% for our senior officers.

Comprehensive Training

Providing English language testing, recruitment and eLearning solutions. Crew Welfare and Mental Health trainings are an integral part to our crew training

Seafarer Nationalities on board our vessels

  • Dynamica is an Online Assessment Tool System that helps Assign & perform tests from anywhere.
  • Seafarer Retention
  • Regular Crew Training
  • Wellness Initiatives
  • Competency Standards & KPI-based Performance Evaluation

Crew Evaluation System

Psychometric Assessments

We assess stress tolerance, teamwork, and problem-solving skills to cultivate a crew adept not just in maritime expertise but also in navigating life at sea with resilience and adaptability.

Panel Interview

We conduct intensive panel interviews for seafarers, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of technical proficiency, communication skills, and situational judgment. Our goal is to build a crew that excels in every aspect, contributing to safe and efficient maritime operations.