K. Abdul Wadood, Founder

The roots date back to 1966, when the founder Mr. K. Abdul Wadood, working as a provision salesman boarded a ship in the Madras Harbour and secured a small provision order from the Ship Captain.

Indian shipowners were always scouting for reliable ship chandlers who could supply requirements for their vessels in remote and challenging ports across India. Having established a reputation as a reliable and dependable supplier, satisfied customers were particular that their vessels be supplied by him in other ports. Fourteen branches were opened one after another in the mid 70s.

The company followed a strategy to purchase real estate within the first two years of operating in a new port. This increased customer and supplier confidence, operating with rent-free lower overheads and an appreciating asset base. The offices worked round the clock enabling full supplies to be delivered at short lead times while focusing on quality and service.

In 2001, the name was changed to Admiral Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. to expand on its international collaboration. The company has since grown from being suppliers of provisions, deck, engine, spares to importing, distributing, and delivering branded OEM items from strategically located bonded and non-bonded warehouses serving every port in India.

Mr. Abdul Wadood always believed in contributing to society and served as the President of the National Chamber of Commerce for two terms. He is the founder of the Sana Group of schools with over 4000 students and actively manages several philanthropic activities. He has been an inspiration to the entire group and has set an example of hard work through integrity. With a strong foundation in principles blended with humility and respect for people,the company is poised for continuous success through a century long journey.